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Magnified Be Thy Name, O Thou In Whose Grasp

Sources: Prayers And Meditations

Magnified be Thy name, O Thou in Whose grasp are the reins of the souls of

all them that have recognized Thee, and in Whose right hand are the

destinies of all that are in heaven and all that are on earth! Thou doest,

through the power of Thy might, what Thou willest, and ordainest, by an

act of Thy volition, what Thou pleasest. The will of the most resolute of

men is as nothing when compared with the compelling evidences of Thy wi

and the determination of the most inflexible among Thy creatures is

dissipated before the manifold revelations of Thy purpose.

Thou art He Who, through a word of Thy mouth, hath so enravished the

hearts of Thy chosen ones that they have, in their love for Thee, detached

themselves from all except Thyself, and laid down their lives and

sacrificed their souls in Thy path, and borne, for Thy sake, what none of

Thy creatures hath borne.

I am one of Thy handmaidens, O my Lord! I have turned my face towards the

habitation of Thy mercy, and have sought the wonders of Thy manifold

favors, inasmuch as all the members of my body proclaim Thee to be the

All-Bounteous, He Whose grace is immense.

O Thou Whose face is the object of my adoration, Whose beauty is my

sanctuary, Whose court is my goal, Whose remembrance is my wish, Whose

affection is my solace, Whose love is my begetter, Whose praise is my

companion, Whose nearness is my hope, Whose presence is my greatest

longing and supreme aspiration! Disappoint me not, I entreat Thee, by

withholding from me the things Thou didst ordain for the chosen ones among

Thy handmaidens, and supply me with the good of this world and of the

world to come.

Thou art, verily, the Lord of creation. No God is there beside Thee, the

Ever-Forgiving, the Most Bountiful.