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22: O Son Of Desire! The Learned And The Wise Have For Long Years
O SON OF DESIRE! The learned and the wise have for lo...

20: O Ye That Are Lying As Dead On The Couch Of Heedlessness!
In the eighth of the most holy lines, in the fifth Ta...

67: O Children Of Fancy! Know Verily That While The Radiant Dawn Breaketh
O CHILDREN OF FANCY! Know, verily, that while the rad...

43: O My Friends! Walk Ye In The Ways Of The Good Pleasure Of
O MY FRIENDS! Walk ye in the ways of the good pleasur...

54: O Ye Rich Ones On Earth! The Poor In Your Midst Are My Trust; Guard Ye
O YE RICH ONES ON EARTH! The poor in your midst are M...

30: O Son Of Man! Deny Not My Servant Should He Ask Anything From
O SON OF MAN! Deny not My servant should he ask anyth...

40: O My Servant! Free Thyself From The Fetters Of This World And
O MY SERVANT! Free thyself from the fetters of this w...

The Hidden Words Of Baha'u'llah

1: O Son Of Spirit! My First Counsel Is This: Possess A Pure Kindly And
2: O Son Of Spirit! The Best Beloved Of All Things In My Sight Is Justice;
3: O Son Of Man! Veiled In My Immemorial Being And In The Ancient
4: O Son Of Man! I Loved Thy Creation Hence I Created Theewherefore
5: O Son Of Being! Love Me That I May Love Thee If Thou Lovest Me
6: O Son Of Being! Thy Paradise Is My Love; Thy Heavenly Homereunion
7: O Son Of Man! If Thou Lovest Me Turn Away From Thyself; And If
8: O Son Of Spirit! There Is No Peace For Thee Save By Renouncing
9: O Son Of Being! My Love Is My Stronghold; He That Entereth Therein
10: O Son Of Utterance! Thou Art My Stronghold; Enter Therein That
11: O Son Of Being! Thou Art My Lamp And My Light Is In Thee
12: O Son Of Being! With The Hands Of Power I Made Thee And With
13: O Son Of Spirit! I Created Thee Rich Why Dost Thou Bring Thyself
14: O Son Of Man! Thou Art My Dominion And My Dominion Perisheth
15: O Son Of Utterance! Turn Thy Face Unto Mine And Renounce All Save
16: O Son Of Light! Forget All Save Me And Commune With My Spirit
17: O Son Of Man! Be Thou Content With Me And Seek No Other
18: O Son Of Spirit! Ask Not Of Me That Which We Desire Not For Thee
19: O Son Of The Wondrous Vision! I Have Breathed Within Thee A Breath Of My Own
20: O Son Of Spirit! My Claim On Thee Is Great It Cannot Be Forgotten
21: O Son Of Man! Upon The Tree Of Effulgent Glory I Have Hung For
22: O Son Of Spirit! Noble Have I Created Thee Yet Thou Hast Abased
23: O Son Of The Supreme! To The Eternal I Call Thee Yet Thou Dost Seek That
24: O Son Of Man! Transgress Not Thy Limits Nor Claim That Which
25: O Son Of Spirit! Vaunt Not Thyself Over The Poor For I Lead Him On
26: O Son Of Being! How Couldst Thou Forget Thine Own Faults And
27: O Son Of Man! Breathe Not The Sins Of Others So Long As Thou Art
28: O Son Of Spirit! Know Thou Of A Truth: He That Biddeth Men Be Just
29: O Son Of Being! Ascribe Not To Any Soul That Which Thou Wouldst
30: O Son Of Man! Deny Not My Servant Should He Ask Anything From
31: O Son Of Being! Bring Thyself To Account Each Day Ere Thou Art
32: O Son Of The Supreme! I Have Made Death A Messenger Of Joy To Thee
33: O Son Of Spirit! With The Joyful Tidings Of Light I Hail Thee: Rejoice!
34: O Son Of Spirit! The Spirit Of Holiness Beareth Unto Thee The Joyful
35: O Son Of Man! Sorrow Not Save That Thou Art Far From Us Rejoice
36: O Son Of Man! Rejoice In The Gladness Of Thine Heart That Thou
37: O Son Of Man! Divest Not Thyself Of My Beauteous Robe And Forfeit
38: O Son Of Being! Walk In My Statutes For Love Of Me And Deny Thyself
39: O Son Of Man! Neglect Not My Commandments If Thou Lovest My
40: O Son Of Man! Wert Thou To Speed Through The Immensity Of
41: O Son Of Man! Magnify My Cause That I May Reveal Unto Thee The
42: O Son Of Man! Humble Thyself Before Me That I May Graciously
43: O Son Of Being! Make Mention Of Me On My Earth That In My
44: O Son Of The Throne! Thy Hearing Is My Hearing Hear Thou Therewith
45: O Son Of Being! Seek A Martyr's Death In My Path Content With
46: O Son Of Man! Ponder And Reflect Is It Thy Wish To Die Upon Thy
47: O Son Of Man! By My Beauty! To Tinge Thy Hair With Thy Blood
48: O Son Of Man! For Everything There Is A Sign The Sign Of Love
49: O Son Of Man! The True Lover Yearneth For Tribulation Even As
50: O Son Of Man! If Adversity Befall Thee Not In My Path How
51: O Son Of Man! My Calamity Is My Providence Outwardly It Is
52: O Son Of Man! Should Prosperity Befall Thee Rejoice Not And
53: O Son Of Being! If Poverty Overtake Thee Be Not Sad; For In
54: O Son Of Being! If Thine Heart Be Set Upon This Eternal
55: O Son Of Being! Busy Not Thyself With This World For With Fire We
56: O Son Of Man! Thou Dost Wish For Gold And I Desire Thy Freedom
57: O Son Of Man! Bestow My Wealth Upon My Poor That In Heaven
58: O Son Of Man! The Temple Of Being Is My Throne; Cleanse It Of
59: O Son Of Being! Thy Heart Is My Home; Sanctify It For My Descent
60: O Son Of Man! Put Thy Hand Into My Bosom That I May Rise Above
61: O Son Of Man! Ascend Unto My Heaven That Thou Mayest Obtain
62: O Son Of Man! Many A Day Hath Passed Over Thee Whilst Thou
63: O Son Of Man! The Light Hath Shone On Thee From The Horizon Of
64: O Son Of Man! My Eternity Is My Creation I Have Created It For
65: O Son Of Man! My Majesty Is My Gift To Thee And My Grandeur
66: O Children Of The Divine And Invisible Essence!
67: O Son Of Beauty! By My Spirit And By My Favor! By My Mercy And
68: O Children Of Men! Know Ye Not Why We Created You All From The
69: O Ye Sons Of Spirit! Ye Are My Treasury For In You I Have Treasured The
70: O Son Of Him That Stood By His Own Entity In The Kingdom Of His Self!
71: O Son Of Man! Write All That We Have Revealed Unto Thee With The
1: O Ye People That Have Minds To Know And Ears To Hear!
2: O Son Of Spirit! The Bird Seeketh Its Nest; The Nightingale The
3: O Friend! In The Garden Of Thy Heart Plant Naught But The
4: O Son Of Justice! Whither Can A Lover Go But To The Land Of His
5: O Son Of Dust! Verily I Say Unto Thee: Of All Men The Most Negligent
6: O Son Of Earth! Know Verily The Heart Wherein The Least Remnant
7: O Son Of Love! Thou Art But One Step Away From The Glorious
8: O Son Of Glory! Be Swift In The Path Of Holiness And Enter The
9: O Fleeting Shadow! Pass Beyond The Baser Stages Of Doubt And Rise To
10: O Son Of Desire! Give Ear Unto This: Never Shall Mortal Eye Recognize
11: O Son Of Dust! Blind Thine Eyes That Thou Mayest Behold My
12: O Man Of Two Visions! Close One Eye And Open The Other Close One To
13: O My Children! I Fear Lest Bereft Of The Melody Of The Dove Of
14: O Friends! Abandon Not The Everlasting Beauty For A Beauty
15: O Son Of Spirit! The Time Cometh When The Nightingale Of Holiness
16: O Essence Of Negligence! Myriads Of Mystic Tongues Find Utterance In One
17: O Comrades! The Gates That Open On The Placeless Stand Wide
18: O Ye Dwellers In The Highest Paradise!
19: O My Friends! Have Ye Forgotten That True And Radiant Morn
20: O Ye That Are Lying As Dead On The Couch Of Heedlessness!
21: O Moving Form Of Dust! I Desire Communion With Thee But Thou Wouldst
22: O Son Of Desire! The Learned And The Wise Have For Long Years
23: O Dwellers In The City Of Love! Mortal Blasts Have Beset The Everlasting Candle
24: O Ye That Are Foolish Yet Have A Name To Be Wise!
25: O Ye Seeming Fair Yet Inwardly Foul! Ye Are Like Clear But Bitter Water Which To Outward
26: O My Friend In Word! Ponder Awhile Hast Thou Ever Heard That Friend
27: O Son Of Dust! All That Is In Heaven And Earth I Have Ordained
28: O Essence Of Desire! At Many A Dawn Have I Turned From The Realms Of
29: O Son Of Bounty! Out Of The Wastes Of Nothingness With The Clay
30: O Bond Slave Of The World! Many A Dawn Hath The Breeze Of My Loving-kindness
31: O Son Of Earth! Wouldst Thou Have Me Seek None Other Than
32: O Befriended Stranger! The Candle Of Thine Heart Is Lighted By The Hand
33: O My Brother! Hearken To The Delightsome Words Of My Honeyed
34: O Dwellers Of My Paradise! With The Hands Of Loving-kindness I Have
35: O My Friends! Quench Ye The Lamp Of Error And Kindle Within
36: O Son Of Dust! The Wise Are They That Speak Not Unless They
37: O My Servant! Abandon Not For That Which Perisheth An Everlasting
38: O Son Of Spirit! Burst Thy Cage Asunder And Even As The Phoenix
39: O Offspring Of Dust! Be Not Content With The Ease Of A Passing Day
40: O My Servant! Free Thyself From The Fetters Of This World And
41: O Son Of My Handmaid! Didst Thou Behold Immortal Sovereigntythou
42: O My Servant! Purge Thy Heart From Malice And Innocent Of
43: O My Friends! Walk Ye In The Ways Of The Good Pleasure Of
44: O Companion Of My Throne! Hear No Evil And See No Evil Abase Not Thyself
45: Alas! Alas! O Lovers Of Worldly Desire!
46: O Brethren In The Path! Wherefore Have Ye Neglected The Mention Of The
47: O Children Of Desire! Put Away The Garment Of Vainglory And Divest
48: O Brethren! Be Forbearing One With Another And Set Not Your
49: O Children Of Dust! Tell The Rich Of The Midnight Sighing Of The Poor
50: O Quintessence Of Passion! Put Away All Covetousness And Seekcontentment;
51: O Son Of My Handmaid! Be Not Troubled In Poverty Nor Confident In
52: O Children Of Negligence And Passion!
53: O Ye That Pride Yourselves On Mortal Riches!
54: O Ye Rich Ones On Earth! The Poor In Your Midst Are My Trust; Guard Ye
55: O Son Of Passion! Cleanse Thyself From The Defilement Of Riches
56: O My Son! The Company Of The Ungodly Increaseth Sorrow
57: O Son Of Dust! Beware! Walk Not With The Ungodly And Seek
58: O Son Of My Handmaid! Wouldst Thou Seek The Grace Of The Holy Spirit
59: O Heedless Ones! Think Not The Secrets Of Hearts Are Hidden Nay
60: O Friends! Verily I Say Whatsoever Ye Have Concealed Within
61: O Son Of Man! A Dewdrop Out Of The Fathomless Ocean Of My
62: O Son Of Dust! Turn Not Away Thine Eyes From The Matchless Wine
63: O Ye Peoples Of The World! Know Verily That An Unforeseen Calamity Followeth
64: O Oppressors On Earth! Withdraw Your Hands From Tyranny For I Have
65: O Rebellious Ones! My Forbearance Hath Emboldened You And My
66: O Emigrants! The Tongue I Have Designed For The Mention Of
67: O Children Of Fancy! Know Verily That While The Radiant Dawn Breaketh
68: O Weed That Springeth Out Of Dust! Wherefore Have Not These Soiled Hands Of Thine
69: O Children Of Adam! Holy Words And Pure And Goodly Deeds Ascend
70: O Son Of Worldliness! Pleasant Is The Realm Of Being Wert Thou To Attain
71: O My Friends! Call Ye To Mind That Covenant Ye Have Entered Into
72: O My Servant! Thou Art Even As A Finely Tempered Sword Concealed
73: O My Friend! Thou Art The Daystar Of The Heavens Of My Holiness
74: O Children Of Vainglory! For A Fleeting Sovereignty Ye Have Abandoned My
75: O Children Of Negligence! Set Not Your Affections On Mortal Sovereignty
76: O Son Of My Handmaid! Guidance Hath Ever Been Given By Words And Now
77: O Son Of Justice! In The Night-season The Beauty Of The Immortal
78: O Son Of My Handmaid! Quaff From The Tongue Of The Merciful The Stream
79: O Son Of Desire! How Long Wilt Thou Soar In The Realms Of Desire?
80: O My Servants! Ye Are The Trees Of My Garden; Ye Must Give Forth
81: O My Servant! The Basest Of Men Are They That Yield No Fruit
82: O My Servant! The Best Of Men Are They That Earn A Livelihood